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One Teen to Another

We open on a montage of scenarios: a group of teens hanging out in a parking lot after school, an uncle and nephew sitting on their back porch the uncle is holding a beer, a family bbq where the adults are drinking and the kids are watching. As the montage circles back around to the teens in the parking lot, one teen pulls a pack of beers out of his trunk, while another teen breaks the fourth wall and starts talking to the camera:

It may seem like a normal teenage thing.

Cut back to the nephew and uncle on the porch, where the uncle hands the boy a bottle with a face that says “ wanna try it?”. The boy looks at camera and says:

A coming of age.

Cut to the family bbq. A young girl watches an aunt take a sip of beer. The girl looks at camera and says:

Or a harmless pastime.

We cycle back through the scenarios as the kids continue the dialogue.

But in all reality, underage drinking is a literal no brainer. It can permanently change a personality, cause memory loss or stunt brain growth. It’s addictive and harmful to an undeveloped mind.

We finish on the boy in the parking lot waving a no-thanks signal to the boy providing the drinks, then brings his finger to his temple, taps twice and says:

So teach your kids to say no to underage drinking. It’s a no-brainer.


(brand that's all about parents teaching kids to be responsible)

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