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Social Aliens: A Story

You’be sat with his wide-eye open. His single antenna dangled in front. His mid-eye and tight-eye were resting, in fact he hadn’t opened his tight eye since the day he lost F’ook.

You’be and his brother, F’ook, had been named after popular human sites. You’be had always hated his name and its origin. The creators had given he and his brothers names, not according to their proficiencies like the rest of their kind. Instead the creators let the brothers’ appearance influence their names.

You’be scoffed as he thought of his full name, YouTube. Primitive - giving him a name according to appearance. He had never met his creators, but imagined them dull and boring, lacking creativity - humanistic.

The earth-based social media platform, YouTube used old technology. Anything with one viewfinder, showing one depiction at a time was ancient technology. Every being created by You’be’s kind had been given a thousand viewfinders per eye, allowing them access to eons of information. Humanity, on the other hand, being the idiots that they are, still hadn’t discovered that what they called “outer space” was just a projection to make them believe that they were smart. It was actually quite hilarious to peer down on them every so often.

You’be laughed at the thought of the human “scientists,” as they “discovered water on Mars” and then scowled in disgust as he thought about the origins of his name and the stupidity of humankind. Luckily for him, F’ook’s name was worse than his.

F’ook’s name was given to him because of his desire to connect. He would never shut up. It’s almost like his four mouths wouldn’t let him. Even while he was eating, one mouth would chew while the other three would blurt out anything and everything. Conversing with strangers is all he ever seemed to do. Whether near their home among their kind or out among the Oddlings, You’be often found F’ook conversing with a creature he had just met - a dangerous pastime. It had been eerily quiet since F’ook had been lost. How long had it been since it happened?

You’be opened his mid-eye. As he did, his implanted viewfinders booted up. These trillions of microscopic view finders gave him access to every piece of information in existence. He honed in on his time lenses, which showed him the length of time from his creation to the present moment. All 8 billion formats of time were visible, along with their translations in every existing language. You’be frowned when he saw his answer. It had only been 3 days since F’ooks demise. Poor guy.

He turned off a few of the viewfinders to peer around his bubble - a circular cell with nothing in it. He had been confined here for 3 days so far, according to his time lenses. The only access he had to the outer realm were his viewfinders. F’ook had been the third brother You’be had opened his tight-eye to. What a shame, he’d have to find another.

As he peered around, a voice filled his bubble, commanding him to hover to the center of it. He did as he was told. He knew this meant that another being was about to enter and he hadn’t had a visitor yet. He waited. You’be’s heart started to pound. What would he say? “Nothing, of course. Talking was always F’ook’s expertise. I’ve always been the visionary” he thought. He felt unready, but that was no excuse for his lack of plan. It only took a moment before he knew exactly what he was going to do. Improvise.

A small hole grew to the size of a being. You’be’s two open eyes grew wide. His thoughts fled from his blue mind. You’be’s youngest brother, Ti’ok , strode in. F’ook and You’be had been jealous of Ti’ok since the day of his creation. Ti’ok’s name had been given to him because of his many talents and forms of entertainment. He had been named after Tiktok, the only human platform that their kind had any respect for. He hadn’t seen Ti’ok in a decade. Intentionally, of course.

He shut his gaping mouth. No matter. You’be would carry out the same plan he had with his other brothers. He opened his tight-eye concentrating all of his viewfinders on Ti’ok, and fired. As he did, his bottom eyes began to well up with ooze.

If you've read this far, sorry for the cliffhanger. Get used to it.

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