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Notes on the loose

We open on a couple of boys. One is holding a pig, the other opens the gate to a back yard.

Boy1: Alright, be good, butch. We’ll pick you up later.

He sets the pig down and the pig runs off into the yard. The boys stand at the gate smiling as they watch their favorite pig wander off. Then they hear a voice from a short distance behind them.

Farmer: Let’s go boys, we got more notes to deliver ‘round the neighborhood.

We cut and see that their dad, the farmer, is in a truck, with at least 6 more pigs in the back. The pigs all have different colored painted words on them. The boys run back toward the truck.

We cut and see the pig they dropped off in the neighbor’s yard. It has words painted on both sides of it’s body – “Debris burn today.”

A super appears on-screen.

A simple phone call will do. Let your neighbors and local fire department know before ag burning this season. Learn more at (a website telling farmers to be careful with fire.)

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