God of Thunder


We open on a boating-bro-looking Zeus sitting in a camping chair. His white beard is braided, he has on a loose-fitting white robe with board shorts underneath, flip flops, and sunglasses. He’s sitting in front of a trailer and a truck bed, there are chains hanging from the truck’s hitch. His lightning bolt is in his hand. He takes off his sunglasses.


Zeus here, god of thunder, inventor of fire.

He lowers his sunglasses and winks.


Look, fire is one of my most epic creations. Great for camping, cooking, smiting people. But it doesn’t belong on the roads.

He kneels next to the trailer chains and begins tightening them.


Trailer chains like these can spark a wildfire if you let ‘em drag. So just make sure they’re all tightened up.

He finishes tightening up the chains and attaches them to the hitch.


Otherwise, you’ll really be on a highway to Hades. Know what I mean?

We cut to a black screen with the words:

Secure your trailer chains. Use your fire sense.


We see Zeus again glaring at someone off screen.


Hey bro, tighten your chains!

He chucks a lightning bolt, and we hear a scream from off camera.

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